New Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business Blog SDVOSB

Hello All,

My name is Joel Stevens and I am a former United States Marine. I am a co-founder of a company called PrepFire Solutions that is focused on Web 2.0 technologies/cloud computing solutions  for the Federal Government. I have 3 other partners in the this venture, Mike Kozeliski (CEO & Former Marine), Carter Raines (Director of Technology) and Erik Arnold (Director of Industry Solutions). Together we form a SDVOSB called PrepFire Solutions. I am going to try to keep this blog up to date so that other SDVOSB and Veteran Owned Small Business can follow along and see the problems we have encountered along with the successes that we have had. I also will be including helpful websites, gov sponsored meetings, companies we meet who support SDVOSB as well other SDVOSB who support smaller start ups like ourselves. I also look forward to hearing from people out there if this has been helpful. You can always reach me at

Joel Stevens


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  1. Joel

    Have you had any success Joint Venturing (Contractor Teaming Arangements)with any small businesses to win contracts? Let me know your thoughts.


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