How to start a SDVOSB

First of all you need to get certified by filling out form 0877 with the Department of Veterans Affairs and sending it back into the VA.  They do a background check on you to make sure that you are truly a disabled Vet and then they certify your company.  Plan on the certification process taking a little while.

After that the next site you should visit is There is some good information up there and some steps to follow.  Once you get certified, government agencies can check to make sure that you are truly a SDVOSB on that site through a verification process.

If you are going to have employees you will need an EIN (Employee ID Number) from the IRS –,,id=98350,00.html

Next your are going to need a DUNS number – it is free if you can wait a few days.

The next step is get a business checking account set up at a bank.  I would recommend a bank with online banking.

Next get registered on the Central Contractors Website – This will take a few days to get your DUNs and CCR setup taken care of so plan ahead.

Get registered on FedBizOpps and start looking for opportunities. Fedbizopps is a good site for finding work.

More to follow…..

Joel Stevens


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