What SDVOSB status does and does not do for you

In a nutshell, the SDVOSB status can get your foot in the door with certain agencies but if you can’t back up what you say you can do then you are going to be the last person in the world they call back.  If you pay attention to their websites (which we do) they have vendor days.  Some of these vendor days are for especially set up for SDVOSB and they roll out the red carpet telling you how their agencey is trying to reach a goal of 3% of all contracts going to SDVOSB.  What they do not tell you is that their are 2 types of SDVOSB’s.  There are the guys who were there (right place right time) when the executive order came down from the president, they jumped on the VET-GWAC and for a few it has been a gravy train ever since.  For others (like PrepFire) it is a struggle to get on the GSA schedule, it is a struggle to get contracts.   We are a start up and being a start up means have to go after every scrap that the big boys in the SDVOSB drop off of their plates at the dinner table.  Who are the big boys?   Go to this site for a list of them.


So I guess my advice to a start up SDVOSB is to not give up.  Some days are better than others.  Try to work your niche and eventually your hard work will pay off.  Network with some of the other SDVOSB, we have found some very good guys that are all about helping SDVOSB’s and yes we will name names in a later blog entry.


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