Starting with Small Business Office’s or OSDBU

The US Government is huge…so where do you start. You are a small business (like PrepFire) and you are trying to get your foot in the door. Good luck. The place that everyone is going to point you to is OSDBU (Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization) and when you get there you sort of feel like you’re in beginning of the movie “Animal House” where the guys are walking around to pledge different fraternities and when you are at the cool fraternity (Flounder/Pinto) you are quickly introduced to the captain of the swim team and some cute girl…then sent over to the corner to hang out with the rest of the nerds. So when you into OSDBU don’t get your hopes up too high. They are not going to just hand you a contract and say please go to work on this today. To say all of the OSDBU’s are equal is also a myth. We have met some of them and we won’t list the ones that were less than helpful but we will list the really good ones. Mark Oliver – Department of Interior (Good guy and very pro-SDVOSB) get into see him if you can. Linda Epstein USDA – another good gov OSDBU person. Terry Herston US Air Force was also really helpful to us. Bottom line, we got some good advice from Dan Frank, CEO of Three Wire Systems, who told us make contact but do not waste your time there. That is what I would recommend as well, make contact and give them your capabilities document but do not wait for the phone to ring.

DOD Small Business Contacts:

Other agency OSDBU Contacts:
Joel S.


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  1. Great information – keep it coming.

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