The Center For Veterans Enterprise Web Portal is a perfect example of a static government site that could learn so much from social media sites such as facebook or In this static site, designed by government employees, they have created content that “they” feel is relevant to entrepreneurs and start-up companies owned by Veterans. Ok…thanks…I guess we should all take our ques from gov employees on how to start a business. So like most unhelpful government sites this one contains static information on how to use your GI Bill to start a business, Small Business Checklist, How to find a SCORE representative, How to write a business plan, etc, etc. This is great information that will take you through days 1 and 2 of starting/running a business. They pretty much took the information from SBA website (which I personally think is bad) and dumped it into the site put some pretty graphics around it and prayed that this helps a vet returning from Iraq start his own business. They could not be more wrong.

The most helpful thing for a Vet returning from Iraq or a Vet recently laid off from his job at the local factory would be a social site for Vets entrepreneurs with recommendations and ideas “by all for all” to use.

I didn’t receive training in the Marine Corps on web hosting and I can’t find the section on that helps me register the domain name of my company and use google web based email for free. Where is that section? Has anyone seen the section that tells me about efax and how I can get a fax number that sends a PDF to my email for free? Can someone send me the link to that part of And the link to the free conference call service so that I can do conference calls with my partners who are located across the state…cannot seem to find that link or website either on

I could keep going…but you get the idea. The VA needs to design a site that actually works for vets…and not a site that works for the people in OSDBU at the VA. There is nothing more helpful to a vet than another vet who is willing to share his after-action report on his experience starting a business. This is the type of example where could be most useful to Vets starting a business. And the cost of doing this……call the VA…I said free. Well not quite free but pretty close. See when you create a community that is able to be updated by its users and policed by its users people do the work for you for free (See Myspace, Facebook, CommunityofVets.Org). I personally do not know of a group of people that care about each other more than Vets. We have experienced this first hand at PrepFire. CEOs of successful SDVOSBs at HMS Technologies and Three Wire Systems and many more have taken the time to meet with us and offer us advice on when they were getting started and what worked for them. These same people would love to have a forum to help out other SDVOSBs and VOSBs. Let’s not just talk about it…take action… Call the VA OSDBU or Center for Veteran Enterprises department and demand it.  Here is the number – 800-949-8387and here is a list of the staff

Joel Stevens
PrepFire Solutions, LLC


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