New to Working with the Government??

In the course of starting this Government Contracting Business we have had the honor of meeting several people along the way who have helped us out tremedously. One of those people, Jim Campbell, a former Marine who owns a SDVOSB focused Human Resources & Benefits stepped up in a big way when PrepFire landed its first contract and saved our butts. For that we are forever grateful to him and his team. Due to his expertise in government contracting and HR/Benefits we have asked him to be a guest blogger on these topics. R/S Joel PrepFire.

New to Working with the Government??

Over the past couple of years, we have seen a number of companies expand their offering and services to the public sector in order to provide a more stable base for their company’s future growth. What we have also seen is that most of these companies have no idea how to work with the government, understand the contracting requirements they need to follow, or what to do once they do win a contract. All of these issues are not insurmountable, but they can cost your business money and eat into the ever so slim margins you were looking to help grow your business. What’s the solution? Find a partner who knows what they are doing and wants to grow with you!

Now more than ever larger contracting companies are looking for SDB’s (Small Disadvantaged Businesses), joint venture partners, and even non-SDB subcontractors to help fulfill their contracts. So, now you are asking “so, where are the pitfalls?” The first step is making your company available to work with larger companies by going to their website and listing your company as an SDB from their diversity page. This usually just serves as a repository for any number of SDB’s over however many types of work there are, but nonetheless is you get the call to work with one of the big boys, you will not stay small for long. Secondly, you want to clearly define your companies core capabilities and understanding of the job at hand if an opportunity arises. Lastly, know your labor/fringe pool!!!! Outside of Professional Services Companies (IT sector), every contracting company has to abide by either the Service Contract Act or Davis Bacon Act as it pertains to the dollars per hour you need to pay your employees for their fringe benefits. That’s right. The amount of money ON TOP OF their base wages. So, if you are a construction company, you need to know the fringe hourly rate for your laborers. Wait for it …… That rate depends on where the work is being done and by which classification of worker. So, you could have different hourly fringe rates for different laborers doing the same job!!!! Crazy right? The important thing is that you have to have someone in your organization that understands this and can properly account for those costs and make sure that you are not only abiding by your contract, but by the profit margin you have set forth for your company to grow. Unfortunately, we see it all the time and that’s when your great business model goes up in smoke. Once you violate your contract, and pay the fines, the scrutiny on every contract there after is on you.

There is a fix for every situation and scenario to keep in mind – KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING BEFORE YOU DO IT! We have helped and continue to help hundreds of organizations both public and private to monitor the fringe pool, compliance, employee satisfaction, etc. I think the truly important thing we do best is that we work with every client the same. We make sure that our strategies, services, and recommendations are 100% in line with our clients/partners business model and we help them grow. Truth be told, the more our clients grow, the more we grow, so we always keep their best interests first and foremost. If we do our jobs and help them do theirs, we all win in the end.

For more information, talk about us helping your company, or to just discuss topics in the blog, please always feel free to contact me at anytime.

All the best,
Jim Campbell

James V. Campbell
Integrated Benefits Group, LLC
“Doing business the right way”


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