How to make work for you

If you are fumbling through and wasting a lot of time here are some tips to help you speed along in the process and find the opp that is right for you.

First – get to know the “Advance Search” tap and use it early and often. For instance…a lot of the opps that we are interested in use the terms NEW MEDIA, WEB 2.0, ENTERPRISE SEARCH, or SOCIAL COMPUTING so the first thing that we do in is click on the “Advance Search” Tab and then click on the box that says “FULL TEXT/SOL #SEARCH:” – once in the box I type in my key words with quotes around them (ex: “Web 2.0” or “New Media”) and then hit enter. This searches all of the agencies and looks for those key words (in order) in all of the solicitations. If you do not put the “quotes” around your word then you will pull up a bunch of trash that has the words WEB and 2.0 or the words NEW and MEDIA in them which could be anything.

Another tip is scroll down to the Set A-Side Code Section: and there are boxes for each set a-side. If you click on the one for SDVOSB and then click the bottom button to search, it will pull up all of the opps for Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Businesses. There are a lot more cool features under the “Advance Search” tab that are pretty self explanatory. My advice is to play around with it and make yourself very familiar with it. The tool is pretty nice. In fact I would rank up near the top of useful websites by the federal government. Is it perfect?? No…but it works and that is all that you can ask for…government that works for you. I think I heard that in a speech by our president but I could be making that up.



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  1. Thanks for the advice on putting quotes around the search terms. It is a very valuable tool.

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