This is an update from our friend Wayne Gatewood at Quality Support Systems, Inc who is a pioneer and strong advocate for Service Disabled Veteran Owned and Veteran Owned Small Businesses.

Greetings all. Hope you and your families are well.

GOOD News, just got off the phone with a Veteran who is also an aide at the Senate Small Business Committee (SBC), Seems like Senate Bill S-1390 – National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2010, was passed tonight by the Senate (unanimously). What is good about this are the Provisions placed in the Bill by Senator Landrieu, SBC Chair, and Senator Snowe, SBC Ranking Member. Specifically there is language in the Bill that changes the “shall” word for HUB Zones to “may”. This would of course, when a final Bill is passed, give we small businesses and especially we SDVOSBs, Parity with HUB Zone small businesses; another provision calls for a SDVOSB Mentor Protege Program. Below is detailed information regarding the Senate Bill that I received from our good friend Justin Brown over at VFW. Now the Bill goes to conference where both the Senate version and a House version will be addressed and from there to one Bill on to a full vote. Let us hope it moves quickly and without any glitches.

Thanks to all of you great Vets and friends that raised serious concerns about the GAO HUB Zone Decision that created this mess, but then went a step further and made your concerns known to members of Congress. GAO did not intend to hurt anyone, rather, they interpreted existing Law the way they saw it. Nonetheless, the consequences were devastating and thus, this Senate Bill, when it hopefully merges with the House Bill and becomes Law, will take care of the problems caused by the GAO Decision. We want to thank the Senate Small Business Committee and Senators Landrieu and Snowe for their leadership and support in this matter. We should also thank the SBA for their un-relentless efforts to have this GAO Decision put to rest. Lastly, thanks go out to you Contracting Officers and OSDBUS (and you know who you are), that raised almighty hell about the GAO HUB Zone Decision!

Prayers for our Brave Troops and their families everywhere.

Best always folks,
Wayne Gatewood


2 Responses

  1. Would appreciate information on “how to” become VOSB.
    We are presently SBE and DVBE.
    858 679-5044 ext. 119

  2. Wayne,
    I am a SDV and own a small electrical contracting business.I have been doing business as a sub-contractor through an 8a prime for about 8years.I
    would like to venture out as a SDVOSB and begin getting cotracts on my own. Can you advise?

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