GSA launches new mentor program for small businesses

This is take from Federal Computer Week.  As you look at different agencies see if they have a mentor program and if you bring something new to the table, you can approach existing contract holders at the agencies about this program which benefits them as well.  We have found that it is best to target mid-size government contractors for these types of relationships.

GSA launches new mentor program for small businesses The agency wants to broaden the base of small businesses awarded contracts, subcontracts

The General Services Administration has started its mentor-protégé program as part of an effort to include more small businesses in GSA contracts, the agency announced today. Officials want to urge companies to help small businesses in establishing themselves in the federal marketplace and then foster long-term relationships between small and large companies, which often are prime contract-holders, according to a Federal Register notice. The program includes contracts awarded under GSA’s Multiple Award Schedules program, the notice states. The program will allow small businesses to become protégés and receive help in their development as federal contractors from large-business mentors. Mentor companies can offer business guidance and share with their protégés lessons they’ve learned along the way. GSA also will allow small businesses that want to mentor other small businesses, the notice states. A mentor is an established company offering to help small-business subcontractors in being more successful. GSA expects the program to increase the overall number of small businesses receiving GSA contracts and subcontracts. However, GSA won’t measure the program’s success on the basis of awards and dollars alone. Officials plan to consider success as an increase in the number and value of subcontracts awarded to protégé companies by mentors. They also want to see expanded expertise by the protégé firms by seeing them enter industries that have they’ve not traditionally worked in, the notice states. To encourage companies to be mentors, the program allows contracting officers to look more favorably at bids from mentor/protégés, and they can consider prime contractors’ compliance with its subcontracting plans as a factor in evaluating the company’s past performance, the notice states.

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5 Responses

  1. I am a small business owner. I am in the plumbing business. I am a disable veteran USAF. I am interested in how to get started in this program. Please contact me email or 252 393 3741. I am located Cape Carteret NC. I am close to Cherry Point and Camp Lejeune military bases. Any information and contacts would be appreciated.

  2. please provide me info on new business government bids that are available to bid on.

    Thank you


  3. I love your blog. Excellent information. I wanted to ask you, what would be the best way to approach a possible mentor about the mentor/protege program? What are the real advantages to this program that would make a larger firm interested in putting the time and monetary backing behind a small business. Do they really believe in the helping small businesses grow. Other than the obvious advantages as listed on the SBA and GSA websites, based on your experience and the advice that you have been given, what would you say?

  4. This is all good info, but how do I follow up on it. I went to the GSA site and saw some info but I am still struggling to find out who to contact, how do I fine a mentor or find out who might be interested in mentoring me?



  5. I am an SDVOSB in Texas. I have contacted 20+ Prime Contractors that are listed as potential companies interested in the Mentor / Protege program. All have replied that they have NO idea as to what I am writing them about. They have no idea regarding this program.

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