SDVOSB Helping Out Fellow Vets

A SDVOSB hiring vets, both disabled and non-disabled, is good business and good ethical practice.  Too many times I am hearing about SDVOSBs looking to hire someone and they haven’t even tried to find a vet first.  I think this is sort of a slap in the face to our brothers and sisters in uniform.

As a SDVOSB we all know, better than anyone, the values and skills that have been learned by members of the military. Being members of a team, being able to learn new skills especially under pressure, the ability to obtain security clearances, and being accountable and hardworking are just some of the attributes gained while in military service that can be transferred to your small business.

You already know that disabled veterans face far greater challenges integrating into civilian life, as well as into the work force back home, but some organizations are starting to reach out to make it easier.  The American Legion has been hosting Job Fairs for Veterans for the last 4 years; and a new group, The United States Veterans Chamber of Commerce, is helping disabled veterans start their own small businesses and match SDVOSB’s to federal contracting jobs; Wounded Warrior Project is another outreach program helping disabled veterans find jobs.

All of these organizations are out there ready to help match your hiring needs.  These are qualified, hard working, skilled service men and women who need a chance to prove themselves now that they are back.  As an owner of a SDVOSB, I encourage you to look to hire a vet first no matter his or her condition.



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  1. Amen brother. Keep up the articles. Im a vet with a hell of a time finding a good job. I used to be in charge of 4 blackhawk helicopters. After I got out, one of the offices I worked at wouldn’t give me the code to the copier machine. If they only knew. Thanks!!!

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