New addition to the PrepFire team

My name is Benjamin McGuire and I joined the Prepfire team two month ago and it’s been an exciting life changing experience.

Previously I was the Vice President of a SDVOSB in Minnesota.  I spent 10 years in the Army National Guard as an infantry medic and was over in Iraq in 2004-05. I’m no stranger to change and taking risk and knowing a good opportunity when I see it.  When I was asked to come on board with Prepfire and move from Minnesota to Washington DC I knew it was time to back them “duffle bags” and get ready for a new exciting adventure in our nations capital.

I moved to Washington DC one month ago. The day I got here it started to snow like crazy off and on for the first two weeks. Being from Minnesota I’m no stranger to crazy winters. But when it snows here in DC it absolutely cripples the city and people freak out. People stock up at the grocery stores like the world is ending. I was once in a Hurricane at Camp Shelby Mississippi before going to Iraq in 2004. The people here where preparing equally for the snowfall as they where during that hurricane.  It was comical to see and turned out to be an interesting experience to be apart of.

Working with Prepfire I’ve got to meet/ work with some of very talented individuals. Each week I’m learning more and more while getting to see the interworking of a true Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, Prepfire Solutions.  I’m amazed all the exciting things happening around Prepfire and its team members.  There is this buzz and it keeps growing growing around Prepfire.

When I first joined the military I could not of imagined how it would affect so many facets of my life and be the single greatest decision I would make. I’m so thankful to be working with other veterans and be working with the best SDVOSB IT Company in the country period. I look forward to writing in our blog and sharing more about my experiences with PrepFire and working on Government IT projects.

Benjamin McGuire
PrepFire Solutions


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  1. Look for our newsletter “Vet Like Me”. Current issue explores inner workings of SDVOB set-aside program, GAO report, fraud, Congressional activity and interviews.

    Hardy Stone
    BluePoint Productions

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