SDVOSB Marketing Part 1: Building Relationships Online

SDVOSB Marketing Part 1: Building Relationships Online

Keeping your head above water for a SDVOSB in a tough economy means trying new strategies to obtain sought after customers and keeping them.  Traditional marketing may not be enough anymore, especially as the market turns more and more to cyberspace.

Blogging can be a very successful relationship builder, but…the best approach to blogging is not necessarily to hard sell your products.  Successful bloggers use several inventive devices to get the attention of their audience in a blogging world of thousands of messages.  One of the most obvious, but still very useful devices is to educate your audience.  If they are out there reading your blog and finding value in what you are blogging about then they will return for more information.  Engage them with honest, interesting content, which builds trust in you, ergo trust in your product and/or company.   Another excellent way to build trust is to promote the products of your customer base and the products of your potential customers in your blogs, showing what they do well.

Again your are helping your customers become more successful.  If customer X has something new that you are excited about, let others know about. In their minds you have become part of “the team”.

Send out your blog to your e-mail list.  Start with a sentence or two to capture their curiosity or interest.  Add links that may be of interest to your audience, or list event calendars that tie your business and theirs.


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