The Gov 2.0 Conference?  What? Already? It seems like we were just at the FOSE event, meeting with top tier feds who were interested in finding out about cloud services and PrepFire Solutions innovative approach. We answered a lot of question on what cloud computing is and how it can benefit government agencies – and it looks like we gave some pretty good answers. Since that time we have been hard at work scheduling meetings and conducting presentations for almost every government agency. But now is the time to gear up for PrepFire’s second conference and the Gov 2.0 Conference is as vital as any.

But are we ready?

The short answer is “absolutely,”  but the long answer is more impressive.

To start, the Gov 2.0 Conference is called “The IT Event for 21st Century Government” and is meant to answer the question

“How can we harness these innovations to decrease waste and increase productivity?”

Sound familiar? It should, because the answer to that question is the foundation on which PrepFire Solutions is built. Our mission is to bring the latest technologies to government organizations—securely and at a lower cost—to increase productivity and better serve their users. PrepFire’s vision and approach to provide gov’t agencies with innovative IT solutions makes our mission as unique as our company.  As the only SDVOSB in the cloud technology arena, we take pride in our distinctiveness because it allows us to provide original and agile solutions from start to finish.  We take our mission very seriously to answer the above question for our clients on a daily basis with innovative products and top notch services from our team of industry experts.

Speaking of our industry experts, our colleague Erik Arnold will be presenting at the conference and discussing “The White House has moved to the cloud – have you?”  Make sure you tune in for his presentation that will provide valuable information on how you can move to the cloud and more importantly –  why you should be interested in doing so.

If you haven’t met us already then stop by our booth at Gov 2.0 and find out how you can find your way to the cloud.




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