Reseller to Deliver Viewfinity Privilege Management Compliance Solutions and Services to Customers –

Waltham, MA – September 20, 2010Viewfinity (, the innovator of privilege management solutions, today announced a channel partnership with PrepFire Solutions to deliver best-in-class privilege management solutions for desktops and servers.

The partnership will allow PrepFire Solutions ( to resell and provide services for the Viewfinity Privilege Management solution suite. For organizations who lock down its desktops, or who are planning to move to a locked down desktop environment, Viewfinity provides privilege management and role-based account access control for desktops, laptops and Windows servers.

“At PrepFire Solutions, we pride ourselves in working with leaders at the forefront of innovation and thought leadership and Viewfinity personifies all of these ideals,” said Michael Kozeliski, President and CEO of PrepFire. “Their ability to address the entire scope of managing a locked down environment without creating unnecessary restrictions on the end user, regardless of worker location, allows for endless opportunity to meet our clients’ privilege management needs.  Viewfinity truly lets us bring our customers the leading solution for managing compliance issues.”

John Hamilton, Chief Operating Officer, Viewfinity, stated, “We are happy to welcome PrepFire to our growing channel program. PrepFire’s expertise in government compliance management paired with its ability to recognize and offer the best technology solutions, allows them to provide maximum value to their customers.”

About PrepFire

PrepFire Solutions was founded in 2008 as a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) with a focus on Cloud, SaaS and COTS solutions.  PrepFire’s goal is to bring the latest technologies to government and commercial organizations – securely and at a lower cost – to better serve their users.

PrepFire’s core capabilities include full spectrum solutions in the areas of cloud computing, SaaS, project management, enterprise planning, security, compliance, network management, CMS and CRM.  But more importantly, PrepFire consultants understand a solution is more than just a set of technical tasks. Every PrepFire solution includes a review of organizational success factors, marketing and communication planning.  PrepFire will not only deliver a solution, they will make it successful. For more information on what PrepFire Solutions has to offer, visit

About Viewfinity

Viewfinity provides privilege management and role-based account access control for desktops, laptops and Windows servers. We empower enterprises to meet compliance mandates, reduce security risks, and lower IT costs. Viewfinity introduces granularity to desktop permissions and privileged access management by offering solutions to manage and control least management rights based upon segregation of responsibilities.

Viewfinity provides IT security and operations with identity access and intelligence via compliance validation reporting and privileged account activity auditing. Viewfinity solves IT’s greatest headache–management of mobile workers— through its web-hosted model by providing absolute network independence, eliminating reliance on corporate network connectivity or VPN. For more information, visit

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